What people are saying about the Ultra-Lube
Gary Latham, Senior Technical Specialist, Algoma Steel Inc.

The Ultra-Lube is allowing us to, very simply and at a low cost, revolutionize the way we grease our equipment. It inspires us to step back and think about the effect of greasing and how we should change our antiquated methods handed down over generations that were wrong. The use of this unit should be the first basic step any company must make toward proactive maintenance as it is extremely cost effective. Already, in a very short time, the Ultra-Lube has enabled us to make some major breakthroughs in thinking on fan bearings that are destined to save the company millions of dollars in maintenance costs and heightened operating time.
Thank you UVLM for a truly awesome product that has great proactive potential.

Tan Kok Ann, Reliability Specialist, Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

For your information, we managed to avoid a catastrophic failure of one of our paddle dryer bearings using the ultralube device.

We have an oil analysis program in place for this dryer. The result of the last anaylsis indicated abnormal wearing of the bearings. As this dyer is turning very slowly at 10 rpm, we are not able to monitor the bearings condition using our existing vibration analysis program.

Fortunately, with ultralube device, we are able to hear the abnormal clicking noise from the bearing housing. We initiated a 6 days shutdown to replace both of the drive end bearings.

The rolling elements for both of the bearings that we replaced were found to be badly damaged. Flaking, spalling and cracks were found on most of the rolling elements and inner ringway ring was also found cracked and broke off.

We want to thank you for this wonderful device that has saved us million of dollars. Without the prompt response to replace the bearings, a normal 6 days planned shutdown could easily become 10 to 20 days, or worse still, a 6 months shutdown, plus millions of dollars, to replace the special machined thermal shafts on our dryer unit.

Judson Patterson, Vibration Analyst, U.S. Alliance

After our plant purchased the Ultra-Lubes for our oilers, I was interested to see how it would work for the Vibration Analyst group. I never gave it back. I use it for all my interim vibration inspections to check conditions. I use it to check up on my Vibration Analysis equipment and confirm what it is saying is going on in the machinery. It also helps my time wave analysis. I have found numerous cracked and damaged bearings with it and it helps on motor analysis. I'd say it has helped my job 30% or better.

Dianne Peterson, Lubrication Technician, Weyerhaeuser Co.

The Ultra-Lube has cut my time lubricating, in areas where allowable, at least in half. It is a pleasure to use. I'm very happy with it.

Pulp & Paper Company in Ontario, Canada

Upon receiving our Ultra-Lubes, we saved over $10,000 the very first day. That allowed us to justify another purchase order of 3 more tools.

Rollie Johnson, Vibration Analyst, Tinker Airforce Base

Example #1: After repairs to a furnace exhaust system, the equipment was energized and checked with a vibration analyzer. It was indicating a problem with the inboard flange bearing. Using your instrument, the problem was verified and corrected. The bearing had been either not lubricated properly or minimally lubricated from the manufacturer. Problem solved.

Example #2: On a routine vibration data collection route, The UVLM monitor was taken along and used concurrently with the analyzer. Several fume scrubber blower pillow block bearings were found to be "noisy", by using the UVLM the problem was corrected at the time of discovery without the need for corrective maintenance work orders to be issued with all the paperwork generated and unnecessary man-hours expended. Once again, problem solved.

Charles Burnett, Maintenance Supervisor, South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.

We have completed the six-month evaluation of the UVLM grease gun.

1. We did not find any Con's with this unit, it does what is advertised to do and more.

2. We were able to repair two critical pumps that had bad bearings before failure. These pumps were the service water pump and a raw water pump.

3. We were able to determine which Deareater Automatic Blow Down Valve was leaking while both deareaters were on line.

4. Located four drain traps on closed drain systems that were leaking through. I feel that the unit is well worth the monies spent and we will continue to be resourceful with the use of this unit.

Dan Turley, Plant Engineer, Portland General Electric Co.

The plant has used the Ultra-Lube gun on various pieces of equipment throughout the plant site and would like to report it is working very well. We are still amazed at how sensitive it is.
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