Mini-Reach Extension Wand
Pro-Reach 4ft. & 8ft. Diagnostic Extension Poles

Your reliability toolbox is not complete until you include UVLM’s Pro-Reach™ 4' & 8' Diagnostic Extension Poles. Designed to withstand industry environments, the Pro-Reach™ is rugged, durable and safe.

How much of your equipment assets are overlooked, because they are dangerous to get to, hard to reach, or otherwise "not worth the effort"? Much of this overlooked or forgotten equipment is critical and its failure can cause costly downtime or work orders.

The Pro-Reach™, designed with the same intelligence as the Ultra-Lube, is rapidly becoming the premier choice for inspection crews and maintenance personnel.

Combined with the sensitive listening capabilities of the Ultra-Lube, the Pro-Reach™ allows the user to quickly listen and inspect rotating equipment in difficult to reach areas. The Pro-Reach™ is constructed with superior materials that withstand all types of industrial environments. The Pro-Reach™ is non-conductive, therefore makes a safe tool for electrical inspectors.

Time consuming and dangerous tasks that require a ladder or cumbersome climbing are eliminated. The Pro-Reach™ is also ergonomic and lightweight providing comfortable application for hours. The Pro-Reach™ also works well on all types of rotating equipment. Inspection of bearings, gear boxes, motors, valves, steam traps, conveyors, pulleys, etc. make the Pro-Reach™ an absolute necessity for Lubrication Technicians, Vibration Analysts, Operators, Mechanics, Engineers, Electricians and many other reliability professionals.
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