Entry Level Condition Monitoring

Many small to medium sized companies find the set up and on-going cost of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) prohibitive. The Ultra-Lube will provide you a low cost alternative to other forms of condition monitoring, although it must be stressed, that many of the other forms of Condition Monitoring such as Vibration Analysis, Data Collection, Oil Analysis and Thermography are highly recommended to be used (in a targeted manner) following detection of a problem with the Ultra-Lube.

Companies in the early development stages of a CBM or PDM program should adopt a program utilizing the Ultra-Lube as a screening tool and early warning device on grease-lubricated components. Components that are identified as being a problem would then be targeted for further diagnostic Vibration and/or Oil/Grease Condition Monitoring to define exact origin of the defect.

Vibration groups really benefit, when the Lubrication Technician is able to catch a potential problem and alert them in between their vibration routines. We regularly see these these groups work hand in hand to promote proactive and preventive measures in plant. As companies look for ways to manage costs, utilizing the power and potential of the Ultra-Lube just makes sense.

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