Benefits to You
Combines Two Jobs - Allows one person to complete a proper lubrication job previously requiring two personnel. Previously, this similar action could only be accomplished using sensitive listening devices and exact timing between both personnel was imperative.

Identifies Bad Bearings - Sensitivity of sensor can detect sound coming from various bearing related problems.

Saves Time - Lubrication Technician will first listen to a bearing. If lubrication is not needed, then no further time is spent there and on to the next bearing in the lubrication schedule. Also, a Lubrication Technician, upon hearing a possibly damaged bearing, may now report it saving time for higher echelon maintenance.

Safe To Use - The Ultra-Lube 2001 Series has many safety features, including special connectors that easily disconnect should any part become entangled in rotating equipment. Electronics are sealed in epoxy and enclosed in a NEMA 4 rated, ABS plastic enclosure. All electrical cords are shielded and are shrink-wrapped where connections have been made. David Clark™ Headsets have a noise reduction rating of 23 decibels. The Ultra-Lube is also ergonomic by using less grease, there are less repetitive strokes of the grease gun handle.

Simple To Use - No special training is necessary to operate the Ultra-Lube. User simply listens to bearings and lubricates until noise abates. If noise does not abate bearing has been previously over-lubricated. If noise abates, and then shortly returns to previous noise level, a problem bearing should be suspected and reported to higher maintenance for proactive measures on bearing longevity.

Rugged Construction - Every effort has been made to build each Ultra-Lube using the highest quality materials. In some cases, actual MIL spec's have been strictly adhered to. The Probe Tip Sensor has been milled from 303 stainless steel and the casing is medical grade polished stainless steel. Each Ultra-Lube must pass a 5 point testing phase and great care is taken along the manufacturing process to make certain everything is within our strict parameters. We have 7 years' worth of Ultra-Lubes still being used on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be nice if all consumer goods were like that?
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