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UVLM, Inc was formed in 1991 by way of another company, UPM Inc. (Ultrasonic Predictable Maintenance, Inc). UPM Inc, an industrial maintenance service company, was founded by Lowell Gribble, in 1968. UPM pioneered one of the first service companies to use Ultrasonic equipment to diagnose and predict bearing failures. Lowell and his two sons, Doug and Stuart Gribble, began what would become 35 years of predictive and preventive maintenance using infrared cameras and a custom built Ultrasonic translator. After many years of detecting bearing failures due to over and under-greasing, Doug Gribble invented the "Ultra-Vibe Lubrication Monitor" in June 1989.

As he began to speak with people about his idea during the course of his service work, it became apparent that no one had ever heard of such a thing. After two years of research and development, the process of patenting began. In 1992, after two years of setbacks, frustrations and two patent law firms later, Doug discovered he could work directly with the patent office himself. The bulk of the patent work, surprisingly, was still ahead, but by acting as his own patent attorney and with cooperation by the patent office, Doug was able to speed the process up immensly. On September 27th, 1994, US Patent Number: 5,350,040 was granted. Now ready for the end user, the "Ultra-Vibe" became the "Ultra-Lube" and the way bearings are lubricated, changed.


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